Katha Seidman

In her current still lifes, Katha Seidman explores how the familiar and the ordinary can co-exist, albeit uncomfortably, with the fantastic and the foreign by juxtaposing found objects with painted images. Katha creates the rich textures and saturated color in her paintings using palette knifes, all kinds of brushes, even her fingers. Extending the image beyond the three dimensions, Katha carefully places rocks, glass orbs, lead cubes or painted blocks on a shelf attached to the panel.  By forcing the picture plane to encompass real space, Katha Seidman’s memories and dreams become tangible in the present.
© 2011 Katha Seidman  "High Tide"  6.5" x 8" x 4", mixed media

Katha’s interest in the juxtaposition of the familiar with the unfamiliar began when, at the age of nine, she moved with her family to Ghana for four years. By the time she was thirteen, she had travelled to twenty-three countries in Africa and Europe.  In 1991, Katha received her MFA from Bard College.  Recently, her work was exhibited at the Arsenal Center for the Arts and the Belmont Gallery.  In addition to creating art, Katha is a production designer for television. She received two national Emmy Awards for programs broadcast on PBS.
© 2011 Katha Seidman "Hobb's Pond" 8.75". x 10" x 4.25", mixed media